This is an opinion editorial by Dennis Porter, CEO of Satoshi Action Fund and political strategist who focuses on defending Bitcoin infrastructure and industry in the U.S. through public policy, activism and advocacy.

The unlimited money printer and where that unlimited money gets spent is the ultimate power of our day. The broad power of the federal government — including the unlimited money in Washington — attracts many interest groups to our nation’s capital, but that is also exactly why Bitcoiners should pick a different strategy. Historically, many political movements have taken place at the state and local level, but currently Bitcoiners are leaning heavily into influencing policy at the federal level. I will admit, I have fallen for the luster of the federal government in the past. In order for Bitcoin to succeed in the USA, I believe we must focus more of our efforts on local politics. Not only is this a better political strategy, it is also in line with the ethos of Bitcoin’s grassroots, bottom-up design. It doesn’t get any more bottom-up than meeting with your local and state representatives to impact public policy. The rest of this piece will be used to explain the value in this approach. By the time you finish reading, I hope you will be convinced to take action to positively impact your local community.

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